Bamboo Products ROCK!

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December 13, 2014

Bamboo Products ROCK!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Bamboo pet products? No? Well, then, let me just say—I LOVE Bamboo pet products! Not only are they well-manufactured, they are just plain clever and fun to use.

Take for example, their grooming products. Each product is very innovative, such as the Dog Pin/Bristle Brush & Flea Comb (which I own!). It takes a simple combo brush and adds a hidden compartment, which houses a nifty and necessary little flea comb. Flea combs are great for not only flea-checking, but combing out all of those nasty little eye boogeys.Pet health care

But, the coolest product from Bamboo is one of their new inventions: The Feed & Toss Disposable Bowl System! Perfect for both dogs and cats, these colorful, new bowls are hassle-free, odor-free (yeah!) and extremely convenient. The liners are durable and will hold wet or dry food. And, when Fido or Felix is finished with their meal, simply toss the liner, then presto—new bowl without the dangerous bacteria.

Available in green, pink or blue, this ingenious and award-winning innovation is perfect for you hikers and travelers, too. Just pop the system in your backpack, and toss it when your pet is done eating.

Thanks Bamboo, for making the lives of pets and their people a little easier with your premium, not to mention cool, products. Pet-Pet loves ya!

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